Onze @ Tanjong Pagar Project Details

Onze @ Tanjong Pagar-Live Freely, boldly, beautifully

My footsteps are my paintbrush, The streets my easel, And my home – the city, Forever an ongoing ballad, Its cosmopolitan diversity toasted, Familiar conveniences celebrated, Across daily paths and occasional detours, I feel its familiar, friendly embrace, For you are my heartbeat too, And I choose to live freely, To experience it all differently.

It always helps to stand out
With its unmistakable profile as well as its distinctive interplay between curvilinear detailing and a box-based architectural language, your home at Onze @ Tanjong Pagar will forever be a fashion-forward expression. Sleek and simple yet powerfully dynamic and fluid, its striking form features transparent glass walls designed to open towards the resplendent city views of Tanjong Pagar, all the while encapsulating an artistic statement that matches your individuality.

Optimised layouts for every need
You’re someone used to making waves. And your home ought to reflect that signature lifestyle of yours. Efficiently laid out to maximise your usable space, you’re free to use this spacious expanse as a personal canvas and paint in a stroke that’s all your own.

Altitude and latitude that matches your attitude
Featuring all-embracing views, natural ventilation and ultra-high ceiling heights on top of sleek aesthetics that speak to your deepest senses, every aspect of your home has been designed to complement your unique take on everything.

My dreams are my reality
There’s probably no better way to end the day than in the comfort and privacy of your innermost retreat. With their stunning views and refined elegance, the bedrooms are designed to soothe and calm, entreating you to venture into the realm of deep and undisturbed rest.

Fair-weather friends are sometimes all I need
You enjoy feeling the wind in your hair, and the sunshine on your skin. Spending a couple of hours on the breezy Sun Lounges right here at The Park will no doubt be the perfect formula for rest and relaxation. With its lush setting and sophisticated mood, you’d want to sip a martini too, just for the heck of it.

Unwinding? Just take your pick from a long list
On top of it all, life takes on a whole new perspective. At The Solitaire Club on your roof-top, chilling out in style is a challenge – at least in terms of the multiple choices you face! From an artfully designed function deck featuring a swanky bar counter to a 15m Leisure Pool, as well as cozy Daybed Cabanas and even groovy Spa Seats, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and did we mention it all comes with a gorgeous view of the sea as well?

Off the beaten track, yet never far from the bustle
While Onze @ Tanjong Pagar is sited only 3 minutes from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, it is nestled within a serene cul-de-sac. That’s the best of both accessibility and privacy. Factor in the glitzy, glamorous action unfolding at the swanky retail mall integrated within the same development and you’ve got yourself a winner in every way.

The heights of my career, so close by
The finer things in life begin with a premium address, a premium lifestyle, and of course, a premium calling. So who said you can’t do things a little differently – that ascending the corporate ladder can’t just be a walk in the park? With its exemplary location close to the business heart of Singapore, you can set the pace of work right from the comfort of home.

A different taste of city life, and no apologies about it
Take your time to explore the winding heritage streets of your neighbourhood. From quaint boutiques and charming galleries to atmospheric cafes and welcoming pubs, there are always ample opportunities to meet old friends and make new ones. Think of it as relishing the sights, sounds and tastes of the world, right in your backyard.

Fun and entertainment? I call the shots
The sizzling vibe of the urban sprawl never runs out of stories, excitement and stimulation –
and you’re now ideally placed to claim it all! From the complete retail and entertainment destination that is Marina Bay Sands to the shopping hub of Orchard Road, you can just let your hair down and let your soul sing. Bright lights, big city, beautiful you – what a winning combination!

Retreat to sandy island beaches, with home just a reassuring corner away
Urbane city folks don’t just hang around town all the time. Whenever you want a quiet retreat from the urban sprawl, seafront treats and rustic delights are really just a hop and skip away. In actual fact, the whole world will always be truly at your feet – such are the envied privileges of those who call Onze @ Tanjong Pagar home.

Top 10 Reasons Why Onze @ Tanjong Pagar is For You
  1. Rare Freehold land right in the heart of Central Business district
  2. Simply stroll to work, no worries about traffic jams or ERP
  3. 3 mins stroll to Tanjong Pagar MRT for easy connectivity to the rest of the island
  4. Only 56 exclusive residential units in the entire development
  5. Full range of facilities right at the roof top for your enjoyment
  6. Exclusive private lift for all residential units
  7. Retail and dining conveniently located right at the 1st floor podium for residents
  8. Easily connected via AYE, ECP and CTE to the rest of the island
  9. Very high catchment of human traffic for restaurant and shop owners at Onze @ Tanjong Pagar due to the highly built up offices and residences in the area
  10. Near upcoming Tanjong Pagar waterfront city